By order of Moraes, PF arrests man who threatened STF

In video, he talks about hanging magistrates “upside down” and curses left-wing politicians, such as Lula

The PF (Federal Police) arrested this Friday (22.Jul.2022), in Belo Horizonte, a man who made threats and curses to ministers of the STF (Federal Supreme Court) and left-wing politicians in their profiles on social networks. The temporary arrest order against Ivan Rejane Fonte Boa Pinto was decreed by Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the STF, on Wednesday (July 20), for a period of 5 days.

The magistrate also ordered the search and seizure of weapons, ammunition, computers and electronic devices and the blocking of his pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Read the full decision (259 KB).

The requests were made by the PF to Moraes. The corporation initially sees alleged crimes of criminal association and violent abolition of the Democratic Rule of Law.

On social media, Ivan calls himself “Papo Straight Therapist”. In publications, he threatens politicians such as former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and deputy Gleisi Hoffmann, president of the PT.

“I’m going to send a message to the Brazilian left, especially Lula: the bastard puts his foot on the street, and we’re going to show you what we’re going to do with you, you fucking bum, crook, son of a bitch. Walk safely to the stalk, we on the right are going to start hunting you, that Gleisi Hoffmann, that fucking loose Ash.”

Ivan also cursed STF ministers and says he will “to hang” the magistrates of “upside down”.

But mainly these bums from the STF. If I were you, Barroso, Fux, Fachin, Moraes, Lewandowski, Mendes, I would stay in the United States, in Portugal, in Europe, in the bitch that gave birth to you. Even you two bitches, Carmen Lucia and Rosa Weber. Sum from Brazil. We’ll hang you upside down. You are sold. This gay, shitty, gender-ideological world agenda is not going to be applied in Brazil. We Brazilians, good citizens, do not tolerate stupid people like you.”

The video with the excerpts was published on July 8 on YouTube and has 31,751 views. It is the most viewed of Ivan’s channel on the platform, “TV Papo Reto”.

Another video on your channel has the following description: “HUNTING SEASON is open to STF ministers. Be a hunter!”.

“It’s time for good citizens, not only to enter the STF, but to get out of this country, out, expel from Brazil, these corrupt judges and this harmful left”said Ivan in another video.

In his decision, Moraes said that the ministers of the Court are “called by the most absurd names, offended by the most abject declarations”. He stated that the “demonstrations, hate speech and incitement to violence” are also intended for “Erode the structures of the democratic regime and the structure of the Rule of Law, including threats to politically exposed people due to their opposing political position on the ideological spectrum”.

“Freedom of speech is not Freedom of aggression! Freedom of expression is not Freedom to destroy Democracy, Institutions and the dignity and honor of others! Freedom of expression is not Freedom to propagate lying, aggressive, hateful and prejudiced speeches!”wrote the minister.

According to the magistrate, the Constitution does not allow the use of “freedom of expression” as “protective shield for the practice of hateful, anti-democratic speech, threats, aggression, criminal offenses and all sorts of illegal activities”.

The excerpts on freedom of expression had already been used by Moraes in a decision on Sunday (July 17) at the TSE (Superior Electoral Court), in which he determined the exclusion of publications on social networks with false news involving the connection between the criminal faction PCC (First Command of the Capital), the PT and the assassination of the then mayor of Santo André Celso Daniel in 2002.

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