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This is Brazil, this is the East Zone

shouted Crepaldi after beating Fnatic in the quarterfinals

"This is East Zone": Crepaldi and Barreto celebrate with a spot in the World Cup semi

“Aqui é Zona Leste”: Crepaldi and Barreto celebrate with a spot in the World Cup semi

Brazil is (full of style) in the semifinals of the FIFAe Club World Cup, the Club World Cup of the category. After finishing third in the group stage, the MGCF started Friday’s playoffs in full force until stamping a spot in the semifinals.

The duo formed by Crepaldi and Barreto won on aggregate against KRÜ, organized by Sergio Agüero, by 2 to 1. The Brazil-Argentina match was entitled to a goal in the classification at the end of the 2nd half of extra time and a little dance at the final whistle.

In the quarterfinals, the Brazilians faced Fnatic from the British phenomenon Tekkz and the Portuguese Diogo. MGCF had a good first game and won by 3 to 1. In the return match they were defeated by 1 to 0, but it was not enough to take Crepaldi and Barreto’s place.

MGCF’s Crepaldi e Barreto at the 2022 FIFAe Club World Cup, FIFA Club World Cup 22 — Photo: Joosep Martinson / FIFA / Getty Images

After securing the unprecedented spot for a Brazilian team in the FIFA Club World Cup, Crepaldi explained to the broadcast what the duo has to offer to reach the top-4 on the planet.

– Our duo is different from all the others, for the partnership off the field, the trust we have in each other. And the glasses are just for the review, because this is Brazil – declared the MGCF player.

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