How to make sour cream or sour cream at home with 4 ingredients

The history of sour cream is similar to that of other recipes. It originates in a distant country, in this case, Russia, but has become propaganda for another nation: the United States.

Nicknamed sour cream, the North American version of milk fermented to sour is less acidic and has become the best friend of dishes from Tex-Mex cuisine, which combines traditions from the state of Texas and Mexico.

On the show “À moda da Isa”, cook Isa Scherer explains how to make the recipe at home without wasting time.

The proposal is to use the acidity of the lemon juice in the mixture of two ingredients from the milk — sour cream and cream cheese — and season with salt.

Greasy and sour at the same time, the cream serves as a complement to dishes that lack a break in spiciness or sweetness. For example, Mexican food and apple pie.

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In the case of preparations without nuances of flavor, such as soup, potato and pancake, sour cream adds complexity.

À Moda da Isa - Ceagesp and salmon - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Sour Cream: Easy and Spectacular

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

isa resume:

It goes well with anything that calls for a high-fat acidity.”

Know what to serve

A joker in several cuisines around the world, sour cream combines with a wide range of recipes. Below, we have selected good examples of what to do to serve the accompanying sauce:

Carrot and orange soup

Cured Salmon Carpaccio with Passion Fruit Sauce

japanese pancake

Easy difficulty

2 servings

30 min

see full recipe


Medium difficulty

30 servings

30 min

see full recipe

Hash brown potatoes (rosti)

American apple pie (apple pie)

Medium difficulty

8 servings

80 min

see full recipe

In the style of Isa Scherer

Isa's style - Ceagesp and salmon - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL
Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

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