John Textor reveals land search for new Botafogo CT: ‘More permanent solutions’

Friday was busy at Nilton Santos Stadium. After the presentation by Luís Henrique, John Textor took the opportunity to give an overview of the movements of the Botafogo to acquire a new space for the CT. The owner of SAF alvinegra said that he changed his mind about the size of the property and said he wants to integrate the base with the professional in the space.

– Last time I was here, I announced that I would like at least a small structure that would give a better situation for the first team. This structure is still possible, but today I’m looking for a property close to Espaço Lonier. I made it clear that I want our A, B and Under-20 teams to stay together. And I think we’ve found a place we can buy,” he said.

Despite not revealing the desired location for the construction of the CT, Textor revealed that he is looking for lasting measures. The businessman said he wants to buy the land.

– I started to feel that we wanted more permanent solutions. We’ll have to buy this place. For the first time, I see the possibility of having the whole group together. I’m looking forward to making this happen.

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However, the American said that the decision has not yet taken place. John Textor stressed that the club will continue looking for land, but said he intends to close the deal this season.

– We’ll need to see other properties. It won’t happen this season yet, but I hope to sign a contract to show fans a vision of the future.

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