“Must be lent to…”; GE brings ‘bomb’ on Giovani and Palmeiras discloses plans for Veron’s replacement

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The 18-year-old striker is returning from an ankle injury and Abel Ferreira’s coaching staff communicates short-term plans

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Giovani is close to returning to the pitch and should return to Palmeiras' Under-20 to gain pace
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Giovani is close to returning to the pitch and should return to Palmeiras’ Under-20 to gain pace

The sudden sale of Gabriel Veron to Porto- POR took the fans from palm trees by surprise, especially after two recent good performances by the 20-year-old forward. On social media, Palestinians questioned a lot about the values ​​of the transaction – around 10.5 million euros (R$ 58.8 million at the current price). Of this amount, Verdão will keep 80% – approximately R$ 47 million.

And now? Anderson Barros going to the market looking for a replacement? The answer is no. In the view of the board, the cast meets these requirements, since Miguel Merentiel was hired in the mid-year window and young Giovani is very close to returning to the pitch. The 18-year-old needed ankle surgery and only now appears to be 100% recovered.

The friends Felipe Zito and Thiago Ferri, from GE, informed Abel Ferreira’s plans for Giovani. “He is recovering from an ankle injury and should be loaned out to the under-20s this weekend to pick up pace in the derby against Sao Paulo,” informs the report, alluding to the game for the Brasileirão Sub-20 this Saturday (23).

Meanwhile, the foreign market may reserve more offers for Giovani. At the beginning of the season, Palmeiras refused an investment of around R$100 million (12 million euros, plus 4 million euros in bonuses) from Ajax, from the Netherlands. Sources involved in the deal understand that Verdão should only agree to talk this time after 20 million euros (R$ 112 million) – Palmeiras have 90% of their economic rights.

Mainly highlighted for his skill and speed, Giovani plays more openly on the right side. At the wings, Abel already has Dudu, Wesley, Breno Lopes, Gustavo Scarpa and, with the arrival of Merentiel and Juan Manuel López, Rony should return to the wing role.

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