Netflix releases this week (7/22/2022)

Hold on tight, because the adrenaline is running high today. This week’s Netflix releases are entirely dedicated to action movie fans, showing that streaming is no joke in its mission to become the home of shoot-and-thumb movies. So if you want to leave your house smelling like gunpowder, you can celebrate.

The great highlight here is precisely the debut of hidden agent, the platform’s biggest bet and one of the most anticipated films of this month of July. With an incredible cast that goes from Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans to Ana de Armas and Wagner Moura, the new production by the Russo Brothers is everything we could expect from those responsible for Avengers: Infinity War and Ultimatum. It’s a spy story that steps on the gas and stops at nothing.

Another great bet on the genre is wild hunt, a film that shows how much Gina Carano is an excellent fucking heroine. And it proves even more deadly in the role of this ex-military who must face the extreme climate of Alaska to save her son from a group of kidnappers. But the bad guys didn’t expect her to be trained to survive in that kind of environment, which makes her even more dangerous.

And closing the list is Adrien Brody’s latest attempt at becoming an action hero. And with violent past, the eternal pianist finally manages to show what he came for in the role of a former assassin who abandoned the life of killing, but must return to active duty to save a young woman who is in the crosshairs of a crime boss. A classic plot, but still quite functional.

As for the lovers, we have the fourth season of Virgin River arriving to despill the kids’ liver and take some of that excess adrenaline with that sugar water romance — after all, the brutes love it too.

And of course, the releases of the week on Netflix are not just limited to these productions and there are many other films and series recently added to the catalog just waiting for your play. After all, this marathon will not start alone.

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