Reporter who announced death with music by Xuxa is fired and hired by the PM

After making fun, the video has fallen on social networks and the negative repercussionTV Tarobá, affiliated with Band, in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná, decided to fire reporter Júnior Rocha.

The report was about an assault on a family, who was also taken hostage, in the same city. But what was supposed to be just another story, turned to parody of the song “5 little ducks”, from Xuxa. “Three bandits went to rob a residence here on the border, Choque and Rocam arrived and papápá, and the thugs are in hell burning“, he sang. In the middle of the song, Júnior even made gun gestures and shots, to simulate the action of the police with the suspects. At the end of the parody, he laughed a lot and continued with the report.

The regional edition of Brasil Urgente suffered a national company warning. On social media, the reporter thanked the internet users for the words of affection: “May good always triumph over evil. Long live the Military Police! Thanks to everyone who sent messages, 99% are positive. This shows how much Brazilians are fed up with crime. Can’t stand to lose to a thief any longer.”

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Reporter is called to be a police officer

After the dismissal, the Military Police of Paraná called the reporter to be part of the corporation. Júnior Rocha was called and his name appeared on the list in the city’s Official Gazette.

“Believe in your dreams. If you can dream it, you will surely come true. Thank you, my God, for so much. All honor and glory to the Lord”, he wrote in Instagram stories.

In the video that went viral, Júnior Rocha thanks for the police shooting in men. “Yeah, the police don’t give a break and of course, it’s to glorify standing up. Applause! Congratulations, Shock! Congratulations, Rocam! The steel knights of the Military Police of the State of Paraná. Good conquered evil”, he commented.

The reporter also took the opportunity to make a Comparison of ammunition with Covid-19: “They went out to get a scolding, they just didn’t say that the PM was already watching. They tried their luck, but of course, they took bad luck. Let’s assume that they died of Covid, the 5569 mm variant. Now Satan is receiving the criminals. These don’t rob anymore!”

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