Arrival of the ‘whale’ plane in Brazil is postponed and should take place this Sunday | Ceará

the cargo plane Airbus Beluga ST, known as the “whale” plane, had a rescheduling and will no longer land in Fortaleza (CE) this Saturday (23). The new arrival forecast of the aircraft is scheduled for 1 pm this Sunday (24)according to Fraport Brasil, manager of the capital’s airport.

Before, the arrival of air transport was scheduled for 16:10 this Saturday. The plane would spend the night in the capital before heading to Viracopos Airport, in Campinas (SP), taking the ACH 160 helicopter. Now, the plane will spend the night outside Brazil, arriving in Ceará almost 24 hours later.

From Campinas, the plane would return to Fortaleza again, at 7:55 pm on Monday (25), and would head to Dakar, Senegal, at 12:30 pm on Tuesday (26). Fraport informed, in a note, that new times to be announced.

BelugaST plane has a maximum payload of 40 tons. — Photo: Airbus/Disclosure

BelugaST plane can be seen in Fortaleza from outside the airport. — Photo: Fraport/Disclosure

The aircraft’s shape is similar to that of a Beluga whale. — Photo: AP Photo/John Bazemore

According to the Airbus website, the aircraft is 56.16 meters long, with a height of 17.25 meters and a wing span of 44.84 meters. The aircraft has a maximum payload of 40 tons, with a maximum range of 1,650 kilometers (km), depending on the amount of fuel and load.

The company indicated that the aircraft is available to freight companies as a means of transporting larger loads, having one of the largest luggage compartments among civil or military aircraft today.

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