‘Cara e Courage’: Danilo plans to scare Pat and Moa to get the secret formula | come around

Knowing that Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) managed to find Clarice’s (Taís Araujo) folder, the businessman is willing to do anything to get the rest of the document.

“I was with Moa and Pat all the time,” he says.

“We need to think about what to do to get the rest of the pages that are with the stuntmen”, warns Regina.

‘Cara e Courage’: Danilo shows part of the secret formula for Leonardo – Photo: Globo

The villain shares his plan with the duo to scare the partners of Coragem.com and thus recover the missing part of the formula.

“I understand what you want to do, but I think it’s risky”, ponders Leonardo.

“It has to be this way”, decrees Danilo.

What will he be up to this time?

The scenes will air in this Monday’s chapter, 7/25 of Cara e Courage.

25 Jul


Alfredo questions Pat about the money from his operation. Ítalo tests the wire he placed in the office in Danilo’s apartment. Moa comforts Pat in the hospital. Danilo tells Regina and Leonardo that he knows how to convince the stuntmen to hand over the rest of the formula to them. Anita and Jonathan think about each other. Alfredo’s surgery is a success. Lou is jealous of Renan with Isis. Leonardo asks to train in the shed at Coragem.com, and Ítalo is suspicious. The doctor gives Alfredo’s biopsy results to Pat. Jonathan gives Anita a gift and calls her Clarice.

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