Grazi Massafera makes a statement after getting back together with Cauã Reymond

The model and former Globo actress, Thank you Massafera returned to have his name circulating on the networks once again after surprising all his admirers by appearing with her ex-husband in public, shortly after having assumed a relationship with Cauã Reymond after so long.

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In 2007, the blonde and the former protagonist of the carioca channel took up the relationship and became one of the most loved couples. In 2010, the two had heiress Sofia. However, the romance came to an end in 2016.

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For those who don’t know, the actress dealt with the scandal of the actor’s alleged betrayal with Isis Valverde, who at the time were a romantic couple in a series. However, at the time, Cauã Reymond denied the information, while the artist insisted on declaring herself. “This is not part of my affective ethic, it was and always will be,” she said.

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A short time later, Grazi Massafera told a group of photographers that something really happened between her ex-partner and the Globo actress. “Back to him? He’s with Isis. How am I going to get back to him? It can’t,” she said during the video, according to information from R7.

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After the troubled period of divorce, the famous decided to give Cauã Reymond a second chance and resumed her friendship with him. So, during a chat with Angelica, she talked about the creation of the heiress and opened up the real relationship with her ex.

The famous Globo actress, Grazi Massafera talks about her relationship with Cauã Reymond (Photo: Reproduction)
The famous Globo actress, Grazi Massafera talks about her relationship with Cauã Reymond (Photo: Reproduction)

“Nothing is stronger than having a girl, at this moment when I am discovering myself”, began the artist, who began to analyze some subjects to teach at home. Finally, the contractor stated that Cauã played a key role in raising her daughter. “I think she’s going down a special path. And the father is part of it”, said the model.

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Recently, Cauã Reymond and Grazi Massafera proved that they have a great friendship by appearing together on Sofia’s birthday. The artists celebrated the date with a party in Rio de Janeiro and sang happy birthday to the heiress.

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