Ivete Sangalo wears a tailored suit at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ | fashion & beauty

Not long until the premiere of Ivete’s Popcorn! Soon, Ivete Sangalo welcomes friends and guests to a new program that mixes a lot of entertainment and fun. With the usual good mood, the baiana will brighten up Sunday afternoons with a lot of sympathy, jokes and style. 🤩🥳

Debut look has a bold suit, voluminous shoulder pads and boots

In the first episode, Ivete uses a Alexander McQueen oversized suit from the new autumn/winter collection 2022. On the brand’s website, the set costs €3780, which would be a little more than R$21,000.

In blue and black ‘graphite’ colors, it exudes comfort, practicality and modernism. Among the highlights are also the more voluminous shoulder pads, a high heel boot it is a Maxi earring.

“Has the oversized suithave this mix of female and male... we also like tailoring, but the most important thing is the clothes to perform together with herand be a form coolintelligent, interesting to show that she is a woman who can be many”, guarantees the stylist Patricia Zuffawhich followed the entire process.

Ivete Sangalo: blue and black outfit at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

The costume also marks a new professional phase for the presenter, who will be even more relaxed and fun on stage.

“In ‘Pipoca’, she dresses up as characters, wears overalls to play (…) Ivete is very comfortable, as if she were at home. It’s something very unconstructed.”

Ivete Sangalo at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

Ivete Sangalo at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

it won’t be just [estilo] oversized. There will be tight clothes, more feminine clothes. She’s a mix of many things.”

Ivete Sangalo wears boots with a pantsuit at the premiere of ‘Pipoca com a Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

The presenter’s hair will also appear shorter at this first moment, but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way.

“It’s short, then it’s longer. We’re doing everything at ease, in her style.” So are you ready for Veveta’s surprises?

Ivete Sangalo: comfortable and fashionable look at the premiere of ‘Pipoca da Ivete’ — Photo: Globo

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