Vasco plays very badly and loses to Vila Nova, Serie B lantern, which wins again after almost two months

if football from Vasco, before, did not please, more recently the team got worse. It got worse. To the point of losing to the lantern Vila Nova, this Saturday, by 1 to 0, at Serra Dourada, for the 20th round of the Brazilian Series B. The team from Goiás won again after almost two months. Rafael Donato scored the home team’s goal.

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Cruz-Maltino, with the result, dropped to third position. The distance to fifth place can reach four points at the end of the round. The next commitment of Maurício Souza’s team is in São Januário, against CRB, this Thursday.

Vasco vs Vila Nova

Vasco did not have a good performance in Serie B (Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/CRVG)

The first real chance of the game was in the 20th minute, with Nene. Shirt number 10 received a pass from Figueiredo, on the right, and kicked with the first shot. Goalkeeper Tony made the save. The first half was warm. Vila circled the Vasco area on a few occasions, but only made Thiago Rodrigues work in the 41st minute, when, after a kick from the right of the attack, Rafael Donato headed hard. Batman Defense.

And the move that scared the Vasco fan at the end of the first half turned into a nightmare at the beginning of the second. At seven minutes, Alex Silva crossed and Rafael Donato, in the small area, tested to open the scoring. Neto Pessoa still had a chance, but finished poorly three minutes later. Vila Nova’s rebar put eight players inside the defense area even before the goal. And the life of the visiting team would only be more difficult.

Time passed, passed and Vasco could not build. He changed wingers, changed midfielder, changed wing, but it was difficult to change passes in the attacking field. Tony, in practice, didn’t make big interventions in the second half. The performance was bad to the point that Vila won again after 14 games. And Vasco certainly didn’t deserve better luck.


Date and time: 7/23/2022, at 4:30 pm
Place: Serra Dourada, in Goiânia (GO)
Referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (FIFA-DF)
Assistants: José Reinaldo Nascimento Júnior (DF) and Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade (DF)
VAR: José Cláudio Rocha Filho (FIFA-SF)
Paying audience: 11,531 people
Present audience: 11,703 people
Income: BRL 607,960.00

Yellow Cards: Tony, Romario (VIL); Ze Gabriel (VAS)
Red Cards: there was not

goals: Rafael Donato (7’/2nd 1-0)

NEW VILLAGE: Tony, Alex Silva, Renato, Rafael Donato and Willian Formiga; Ralf, Romário (Sousa, 25’/2ºT) and Arthur Rezende (Matheuzinho, 18’/2ºT); Pablo Dyego, Neto Pessoa (Daniel Amorim, 18’/2nd) and Matheus Souza (Kaio Nunes, 18’/2nd) – Technician: Allan Aal.

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues, Gabriel Dias (Léo Matos, 26’/2ºT), Quintero, Danilo Boza and Edimar; Zé Gabriel (Juninho, 26’/2ºT), Andrey and Nene (Eguinaldo, 37’/2ºT); Gabriel Pec (Erick, 9’/T2), Raniel and Figueiredo (9’/2nd) – Technician: Mauritius Souza.

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