Affiliated to Sindireceita, watch the Live on the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan and clarify your doubts

The National Executive Board (DEN) of Sindireceita held this Wednesday, the 13th, a Live to clarify doubts from affiliates about the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan. The virtual meeting was attended by representatives of Unimed-Benevix and the CEO of the company MarktClub, Roberto Niwa Camilo, who at the end of the live, also clarified doubts of the affiliates about the Benefits Club.

In his explanation, Roberto Niwa Camilo highlighted that Sindireceita was successful in the negotiations to renegotiate the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan for 2022 with a rate of 7.9% (As reported on the Sindireceita website). “In the first proposal submitted to Sindireceita, five years ago, the value offered was 22% higher, however, Sindireceita made a very positive negotiation, including 13 entities in the policy, which allowed this reduction in the readjustment”, explained Roberto Niwa Camilo . This index is lower than the average of the readjustments of health plans in the country that took place this year (between 16% and 19%); about half of the amount authorized by the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) for individual plans (15.5%). The value is also below the inflation accumulated in the period of the previous 12 months (IGPM 10.72%). Since the creation of the plan, the average annual readjustment is less than 5%.


In all, 1,283 users who use the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan were covered by this successful deal by the Board. The Benevix representative highlighted the increase in the number of users of the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan, from 1241 in January 2021 to 1334 in July 2022. She noted the importance of the increase in users, as it allows for a balance between the administrator of the plan and users, allowing a better offer of discounts. In addition to signing agreements with operators and offering differentiated prices, Sindireceita monitors the performance of the plan, intermediates and facilitates the demands of affiliates and negotiates, via the administrator, the annual adjustments requested by the operators.

During the live, Benevix representatives highlighted that the services offered by the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan are Unimed Vitória and the Unimed Grande Florianópolis Plan. In addition, he informed that the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan is a care segmentation plan, outpatient plus hospital, with obstetrics. They also clarified the plan’s differentials, including Teleconsultation, Medical Emergency SOS, Uniclube Program, Specialty Center, Viver Bem Unimed Program, urgency and emergency throughout the national territory, Unimed Vitória application, company Portal.

Finally, Benevix clarified doubts of the affiliates sent by the chat about the Health plan, showed information on the Administrator’s website, and made the service channels available to the beneficiaries. Finally, they explained step by step how to apply for the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan.

See below the health plan phone and whatsapp contacts O Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan.


Roberto Niwa Camilo highlighted the years-long partnership that MarktClub had with Sindireceita and congratulated Sindireceita’s commitment and engagement to seek the best conditions for its members.

The Communications director, Odair Ambrósio, thanked everyone for attending and invited the Tax Analysts to access the information on the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan, replicate the information to other colleagues and remember to use the agreement when making the purchase. of some product.

Finally, the secretary general of Sindireceita, André Luiz Fernandes, informed that the National Executive Board is always available to answer questions from members about the Unimed-Benevix National Health Plan, Benefits Club and other questions or suggestions about products that affiliates are interested. “Our objective is to help affiliates save money and obtain financial results using these advantages. These discounts on health plans provide, indirectly, an increase in remuneration and better quality of life for our fellow servants,” said André Luiz Fernandes.

Questions about Unimed/Benevix Health plans can be sent to the e-mail address: [email protected]>;

Benefits Club

At the end of the live, Roberto Niwa Camilo from the company MarktClub recalled that recently, the network of stores affiliated to the Sindireceita Benefits Club was expanded to provide even more discounts to members and their families. Today, members of Sindireceita have the possibility of accessing discounts in more than 20 thousand physical stores in different segments with agreements throughout the country. “In addition, the trend is that in the next 24 months we will be able to increase even more the network of affiliated stores that will add even more discounts and savings in the purchases of Sindireceita affiliates,” concluded Roberto Niwa Camilo.


All information about the agreements, simulations and forms of membership are available on the Union Benefits Club website. We remind you that to access this information it is necessary that the member has previously activated his registration on the Benefits Club website.

In addition to choosing the plan that best meets their needs, the affiliate can also consult important data such as the price list; coverage information; and check the accredited network and the general characteristics of the plan such as accommodation, co-payment and reimbursement. Within the same agreement, there may be several plans with different price tables depending on the characteristics of each plan.

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