DJ Gabi Cavallin, lover of player Antony Santos, loses baby

THE DJ Gabi Cavallinused his social networks on Saturday night (23) to inform his followers that he lost his first child, the result of his extramarital relationship with the player, Antony Santos, the Brazilian national team and the Dutch club Ajax. The girl who was in her fourth month of pregnancy detailed how the delivery went and asked the doctors to let her baby live.

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“I thought I already knew what pain was, but I didn’t. I only found out when I had to say goodbye to you yesterday, son. I tried, even at the risk of my life, I said to give priority to you. I didn’t care about myself at all. But God wanted it that way. We never think we will be within the ‘1 in 1 million’ statistic, but this time, we were”, the DJ began the report on her Instagram account.

The young woman also took the opportunity to report the moment of delivery and how difficult it was to hear that the baby was no longer there. “Nineteen wasn’t a very big number, but now it is. When someone asks me how big is infinity, I’ll answer 19. There were infinite 19 hours of contractions, fevers, labor pains, screaming, bleeding, punching the bed and the wall, but honestly? Nothing hurt more than hearing ‘it’s over’ from the doctor,” she said.

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Relationship with football player Antony

The relationship with the player became public in June this year, after Léo Dias’ column, in Jornal Metrópoles, revealed that the two were having an affair. The athlete was still married to Rosilenny, with whom he maintained a relationship for five years and has a son of three.

For Léo Dias, the girl said that every story has two sides and stated that the two wanted to be together. “If I had accepted the end, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point. I knew he was with me and he wanted to be with me, and I wanted to stay with him anyway.”

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