Globo star exposes murder of actress and calls for justice

Globo soap opera star, exposed actress murder and released new HBO Max series

Luis Lobianco, is one of the great acting stars of TV Globo, the actor has already scored several jobs at the station and is a constant figure in the house’s programs. On social media, the artist uses his official Instagram profile to promote his work and part of his routine with his followers, who follow him through his publications.

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In recent days, Luis Lobianco used his stories to talk about a serious matter, and exposed the murder of the actress Daniella Perezdaughter of Gloria Perez. The famous was brutally killed by her boyfriend, William of Padua, when he was at the height of his career and starred in soap operas. In the publication, the TV Globo star called for justice and released the new HBO Max series, which will tell the story of the crime.

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In the stories, Luis Lobianco shared a photo of the cover of the series and wrote: “May truth and justice finally triumph @gloriafperez @hbomaxbr”, wrote the Globo star.

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The actor released a new series from HBO Max (Photo: Instagram)


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Titled “Brutal Pact the Murder of Daniela Perez”, the new HBO Max series promised to deliver all the details of the crime, from the act itself, to the way the killers tried to misrepresent the actress. On social networks, the series is already widely commented and several netizens regretted that the production was not launched by TV Globo, this because the broadcaster made a wide coverage at the time and has a rich collection about the actress.

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