it’s not a problem, I’m free

She talks about threesomes, gives interviews with details of sexual adventures, and assumes who she kisses at parties. Bianca Andrade insists on reinforcing that she is a free woman to assume all wills and, in an exclusive conversation with this column of splash – during the recording of “Numanice 2”, in Rio – says that talking about sex was never a problem.

“Talking about sex, really, is the least of my problems. I try not to say names because it runs away from my ethics, there are people involved. I’m a free woman, single and I pay my bills. Why will I be afraid to say that I kiss in my mouth, I’m free, and I ‘catch’ the people around?”, says Bianca.

However, the influencer – who alone exceeds 18 million followers on Instagram – says that not everything she experiences is published on her social networks. She prefers not to expose when she’s not feeling very well.

“I’m not that influencer who forces herself to show everything, all the time. It’s not good for my mental health. There are times when I’m not well and I respect that. I don’t get anxious, you know? anxious quiet in mine. I don’t like to share moments when I feel vulnerable.”

‘Yes, marketer’

Calling Bianca Andrade a “marketer” doesn’t bother the influencer at all. With her new release entitled “Pink”, the blogger was in the recording of “Numanice 2”, Ludmilla’s pagoda project, and made a point of dressing completely in pink. She explains:

“I live my launch, right? There’s no Bianca if you don’t have the launch together. I’m really all in pink. But, above all, I came to enjoy. I’m intentional in the things I do, and I can combine the useful with the pleasant. I work on my own. There’s nothing better than joining the two and being honest with it.”

Speaking of enjoyment, Bianca Andrade received a “little push” from her friend, Maisa Silva, as this column of splash. During the recording of Ludmilla, Maisa introduced a friend to the influencer. rolled?

Oh, I’m not going to kiss Maisa’s friend. He no. Today I don’t kiss on the mouth, I’m resting. I’m not in the mood to let anyone down. But, if there’s an after, and someone gives me too soft, I’ll take it.

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