“Looked for Juventus in the last hours”; Braz acts on the sly and consults for a star from Europe in Flamengo


Still analyzing market possibilities, the board has been carrying out consultations and analysis in Rubro-Negro

Photo: Flamengo Official Flickr - Braz is still active in the market.
Photo: Flamengo Official Flickr – Braz is still active in the market.

O Flamengo has been increasingly demonstrating on the field that he has regained his good form and returned to being a great candidate for titles this season, staving off the complicated moments experienced with Paulo Sousa. The team led by Dorival Júnior went to Ressacada and made it 2 to 1 in Avaí, even leaving behind the score, with great performances from Pedro and De Arrascaeta.

In addition to the 3 points, which put the Cariocas inside the G-6, this last match also had another situation that became a highlight: the debut of Vidal. After a lot of romance on social media, the Chilean left Europe and signed a contractleaving a lot of expectation in the fans, who could see him steal the ball that originated one of Flamengo’s goals.

Even after these moves, Mais Querido got in touch again, but this time looking for information about another player, who is also of interest: according to the portal “Torcedores.com”, the board reached out to Juventus in the last hours and made an inquiry in order to know the situation of Arthurex-Gremio and Barcelona.

However, according to the source cited above, the red-black interest collides with the midfielder’s high salary: at 25 years old, shirt 5 is among the 10 highest salaries on the current payroll, so much so that the idea of ​​Europeans is even to negotiate the Brazilian, being able to increase the investment margin in the market and bring new options.

Anyway, after hearing the conditions, Flamengo completely ruled out the possibility. To give you an idea, Arthur’s current salary is in the region of 5 million euros (R$ 28 million, at the current price) per year., that is, completely out of the red-black financial reality. Doing the math, he earns 416,600 euros (R$ 2.3 million) per month.

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