Tays Reis and Biel show their baby’s face for the 1st time: “beautiful”

Former pawns Tays Reis and Biel posed with their newborn and showed her little face

The singer Tays Reis it’s the MC Biel delighted to show their newborn’s face for the first time. The couple began their relationship on national television. This is because the atmosphere of romance began when they participated in the reality “A Fazenda”, shown by Record TV. The artists were part of the confined of the 12th edition of the program, shown in 2020.

This week, Tays and Biel announced the birth of the first heiress. The baby came into the world a little earlier than expected and took the couple by surprise. The idea was that she would be born from the 38th week of pregnancy. But at 36 weeks, the singer ended up in the hospital. After a few false alarms, the baby came into the world on July 19th.

The dads chose to film every moment of the birth and share it on social media. With dad recording everything on his cell phone, the singer talked about the feeling when entering the maternity ward. “My chip still hasn’t sunk in,” she assured. Tays Reis. The baby, named Pietra dos Reis Marins, was born by cesarean section and weighed 2,540 kilograms.

This Sunday, the artists released the video of the moment of childbirth. “We have zeroed in on life! We have just shared with you the birth of our daughter in our vlog from the TAEL FAMILY channel! Subscribe and follow us daily, for you who like our mess! From now on there are three of us there!”, wrote Pietra’s parents.

It didn’t take long for fans and friends of the couple to leave many messages for the family. “My God, she is so beautiful! Congratulations, daddies! God bless them and cover them with his sacred mantle!” wished a follower. Another defined it: “The best feeling in the world”.

An internet user has already noticed some traits of the mother, Tays Reis, in the newborn. “It has Tays’ mouth of heart,” the fan noted. Another said: “Biel’s face”. And yet another was melted by Pietra: “The most beautiful little doll”.

Little Pietra between the daddies, Tays Reis and MC Biel, right after giving birth

Instagram reproduction Little Pietra with her parents, Tays Reis and MC Biel, as soon as she came into the world

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