‘He kicked me like a can, I didn’t need that’, vents fan who was assaulted by Filipe Ret

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Since last Saturday (23), singer Filipe Ret has been heavily criticized on social media, because of the episode that happened during a show on Friday night (22), in Feira de Santana.

The images went viral on the internet, after netizens accused the singer of having knocked down a fan, who invaded the stage. In the video, it is possible to see the moment when the fan climbs up, hugs the singer, and then falls down and is removed.

Acorda Cidade spoke with the fan, 17-year-old Jonas Amorim Queiroz, a resident of the Tanque da Nação neighborhood, who is also a rap and trap singer. He said that in the ‘heat of emotion’, he had the opportunity to go on stage and hug the idol, but he did not imagine that he would be expelled in front of everyone.

Photo: Ney Silva/Acorda Cidade

“I can say that I was there in the fury of emotion, I wanted to go on stage, I had several people by my side, other fans, until the people who were with me helped me up, I even hugged him, a guy I considered him as an idol, and at the time, I felt that inequality, a lack of humility, I didn’t know how to keep what he says in the songs. I had never been to one of his shows, it was the first time, and this happened to me. That day, I went to sleep with my head heavy on the pillow, I felt very ashamed, I had no need for that, I thought he was a very nice guy, he taught me through letters to dream and fight, and when I got to him, he kicked me that nor a can, my mind was no longer on me at that moment”, he reported.

According to Jonas, so far he has not been contacted by the artist’s production team.

“So far, no one has said anything to me, I have only seen the posts on Instagram, there are even a lot of people there impersonating me, but I would really like to know an answer from him, unfortunately this generated a controversy and I also want to resolve it. Only I know what I went through that night, it was the world falling apart in my head, when I fell, I think the world fell on top of me too. He’s a famous guy, he could have come to me, I was very disappointed with his attitude. I’m also starting a life as an artist, I still don’t do shows, but I do rap, I had him as an idol, and the guy does that to me. But here is the learning that my biggest idol will only be Jesus Christ”, he concluded.

After all the repercussion, the singer Filipe Ret, used social networks to justify the action of pushing the fan off the stage.

“I play with energy, love and anger. Geral gets excited and I know that some get too excited and do what they know they shouldn’t: invade the stage. I can tolerate one invasion with respect, I can tolerate multiple invasions. In this show there were more than 20. They almost hurt me”, said Filipe in the publication.

The musician from Rio added that the reaction was self-defense. He said he didn’t kick the fan and took the action out of respect for the rest of the audience who just wanted to enjoy the show without interruptions caused by the intrusions on stage.

With information from reporter Ney Silva from Acorda Cidade

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