Too see-through shirt? IZA takes a selfie without makeup and enjoys a rest day

Deserved rest! IZA enjoyed a quiet day on Monday (25) and delighted Instagram fans with a passionate selfie posted on her profile. As always, the singer was a huge success with her natural beauty and drove netizens crazy!

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No makeup and no edits, the singer gave a show of health while posing in a natural with a sweater somewhat transparent. The muse used the publication to wish good vibes to her fans and wrote: “faith to face this week, my talisman”.

“Beautiful and full this woman”, fired a netizen in the comments of the publication. “Biggest beauty, gorgeousness”, reacted another fan of the singer. “IZA is a true goddess”, drooled another follower, praising the singer for her dazzling click. Check the log:

IZA makes emotional outburst about racism

How sad, people! Recently, singer IZA opened her heart in an interview with Vogue and opened up about racism and how it affected her when she was younger. The artist said that this was an insecurity in her life until her career took off.

“When you’re the only black kid in a school, you inevitably think there’s something wrong with you when you compare yourself to your friends,” said the singer, who added: “After I became famous, I revisited insecurities, the ways in which I compared myself and thought that nothing I did was good enough… All this is the result of racism”.

“Unfortunately in Brazil, from the moment you are a successful and famous black person, you do not stop suffering racism, but people start to look at you differently, which is unfortunate. We all deserve respect.”

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