In the midst of the crisis, production of ‘Faustão na Band’ cuts until the audience’s lunch | TV

Going through difficulties in several sectors, including the financial sector, which is why it “forced” the band to promote important cuts in the team, the direction of “Faustão na Band” had to make new adjustments to the daily program with the objective of reducing costs and managing to keep it “alive” in the schedule. This time the crisis even reached the audience of the attraction, which lost perks.

Participate in the program Fausto Silva remains a wish of many people, because in addition to getting to know the presenter more closely, people still get t-shirts and even lunch at a steakhouse. The perks given to the famous caravans that arrive from all corners of the country, something that already happened in Globo’s days, were kept by the veteran in his new station, making the audience happy.

However, it did not take long for the situation to change. That’s because, about to complete its seventh month on the air, the executives of Johnny Saad’s network decided to cut the famous lunch of the members of the auditorium. The Band’s decision has already been taken and should be maintained until the situation of Faustão’s daily program manages to get out of the crisis in which it finds itself.


In the midst of the problems faced by “Faustão na Band”, the São Paulo broadcaster decided to put all the responsibility on the presenter regarding the future of the attraction on the small screen. Therefore, it will be up to Fausto Silva to decide how his program will be from next year. It is worth mentioning that one of the possibilities is to transform the daily attraction into Sunday, as happened in the times of “Domingão do Faustão”.

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