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Petrobras announced, this Wednesday (27), the approval of a Price Formation Directive in the Internal Market. The measure, however, does not change the current pricing policy, which links the prices of fuels produced by the state-owned company to those practiced in the international market.

According to a statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the measure “incorporates an additional layer of supervision of the execution of pricing policies by the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council, based on the quarterly report of the Executive Board, formalizing an existing practice”. .

The directive maintains the company’s management, “or delegated by it” as responsible for the application of readjustments to the prices of fuels sold to distributors.

“Procedures related to the execution of the price policy, such as the frequency of product price adjustments, the percentages and values ​​​​of such adjustments, the convenience and opportunity in relation to the decision of price adjustments remain under the competence of the Executive Board “, the statement said.

When detailing the guideline, Petrobras stressed that the implementation of the current pricing policy must accompany “the Brazilian oil derivatives market (considering, for example, the effect of the sale of refining assets), substitute products and the performance of importers “.

He also emphasized that “in addition to the balance of prices practiced by it with the national and international markets”, the company’s market share in each of the fuels should also be considered.

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