Petruchio scares Catarina with confession


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The situation of the farm Petruchio (Eduardo Moscovis) goes from bad to worse. In the next chapters of the soap opera O Cravo e a Rosa, the farmer discovers that he has lost all his customers and has no one to sell the cheese to. Back at the farm, he tells the news to Catherine (Adriana Esteves).

Can you stop making the cheeses?“, says Petruchio. “Like this? Because? I guarantee that these cheeses here will be delicious“, assures the daughter of Baptist (Luis Mello). “Turns out no one wanted to buy our cheese. We lost the entire parish and we no longer have anyone to sell the cheese to.“, laments the farmer.

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As?“, strange the godmother of Buscapé (Luiz Antônio do Nascimento). “This has never happened in my life. Everyone always said my cheese was the best in the whole region. I will go in. What I really need is to be a little alone with my thoughts“, says the boss of Calixto (Pedro Paulo Rangel), who then withdraws.

Afterwards, Petruchio tells Calixto that he has hit rock bottom. “It’s over. Nobody wants to buy my cheese anymore. The parish got used to buying cheese from others and now, with the reputation of being bad cheese that our cheese has, it’s over”he confesses, which arouses the employee’s concern.

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