Uber Eats delivery man is thrown from overpass in dispute

An Uber Eats delivery man was thrown off an overpass during an argument with a driver in Tultitlán, Mexico. According to the Mexican newspaper El Universal, the victim was identified as Guillermo “G” and had a fracture in his left leg.

The incident was almost 15 days ago, but Guillermo was only identified in the last week.

In a video posted on Twitter, three people argue around a red car. A woman in yellow demands something from the delivery man and the other man opens the trunk, implying that it was an accident.

The argument lasts about a minute and the delivery man punches the driver. After that, the boy is thrown from the viaduct and the driver flees with the woman – they were not identified.

Mexican authorities have confirmed that the boy thrown from the viaduct is a delivery man and was taken to a nearby hospital by an ambulance. He suffered a fracture near his left tibia and has already been discharged, to complete his recovery at home.

The Mexican Public Ministry took a long time to identify the worker because they could not find patient records that matched the descriptions about him. Because of the health conditions, it was determined “that as soon as the ideal conditions are verified, he will give his testimony about what happened”.

As for the aggressor, the Justice says it tries to identify him to “clarify the facts”.

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