Angolans find rare pink diamond valued as the biggest gemstone in 300 years

‘La Rosa de Lulo’ is 170 carats and will be sold at an international auction; price not yet announced

170-carat pink diamond dubbed ‘Rosa do Lulo’

A group of Angolan miners have unearthed a rare Diamond pure pink that is believed to be the largest ever found in the last 300 years, the mine operator said. Nicknamed the “Rosa de Lulo” because it was discovered in the Lulo mine, the stone has 170 carats and is considered a historic discovery. It is a type IIa diamond, one of the rarest and purest forms of natural stone. the government of Angola received the news about the found stone well. “This record and spectacular pink diamond recovered at Lulo continues to position Angola as a major player on the world stage,” said Angolan Minister of Mineral Resources, Diamantino Azevedo. The diamond still doesn’t have an owner, that’s because it will be sold at an international auction and is estimated to be for an impressive price. To date, the most expensive diamond to be sold was the 59.6 carat Pink Star. The stone sold for $71.2 million in 2017 during an auction held in Hong Kong.

*With information from AFP

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