Anitta and Cimed launch intimate perfume – innovation and controversy in the same package

Prodigal in combining product marketing with her career in show business – and getting into controversies (voluntary or not) – Anitta partnered with Cimed to launch a perfume designed for intimate parts.

The release of Puzzy (the name is self-explanatory) was designed to instill the curiosity of the Anitters, the most fierce fans of the singer. The artist-entrepreneur has more than 63 million followers on Instagram alone.

Cimed says the product is for all genders, but the most obvious appeal is with the female audience.

Officially, the product will be released next month, along with the release of the singer’s new clip.

In Brazilian pharmacies, Cimed’s main sales channel, the three Puzzy fragrances should arrive around August 10th. The price at the tip should be between R$70 and R$90.

Anitta actively participated in the product creation process with Cimed. “I get involved in all the processes of the ventures I enter. I think it’s essential. With Puzzy it was no different. For example, the product logo is a tattoo of mine. The name of the products and the fragrances are based on my songs. Including the much talked about tattoo that moved the country? It’s engraved inside Puzzy’s box. Whoever buys will see!” Anitta told the Brazil Journal.

The singer’s much talked about intimate tattoo was at the center of one of her most recent controversies. Offenses by countryman Zé Neto (from the duo with Cristiano) to Lei Rouanet and Anitta’s tattoo opened a kind of Pandora’s box. Known as the ‘CPI do Sertanejo’, the Public Ministry is investigating the fees received by sertanejos paid by municipalities in the interior.


With a fortune estimated at US$ 100 million by Forbes, the girl from Honório Gurgel has become a business machine that has innovated in the relationships with the companies it partners with, such as Ambev and Nubank.

Anitta has been on the board of the purple bank for a year, and her production company, Rodamoinho, signed a contract worth R$36 million for marketing, advertising and rights-granting services. Two years ago, Ambev made her the head of creativity from Beats, in exchange for a share of sales. And in May of this year, she became an investor partner at Fazenda Futuro, promoting a line of meat snacks plant-based.

It was Anitta herself who approached Cimed about a year ago with the proposal to develop an intimate fragrance, inspired by a manipulation product she already used, created by a friend.

With more than 600 products in the catalogue, João Adibe’s pharmaceutical company also manufactures K-Med lubricant and Dermafeme intimate soap.

Approved by Anvisa, the Puzzy formula was developed by Cimed and underwent gynecological and dermatological tests. To prevent it from causing burning, its formulation is 100% alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, in addition to not containing parabens.

For Cimed, the partnership with Anitta marks the company’s debut in the perfumery category, which moves R$ 30 billion a year in the country. From now until the end of the year, the company expects to earn R$ 40 million with Puzzy. As co-creator of the product, Anitta will be paid with revenue share.

“Puzzy is the first intimate perfume launched by a pharmaceutical company,” says Adibe, the CEO and controller of Cimed. “The partnership with Anitta represents this spirit that celebrates sensuality, attitude and entrepreneurship that we believe in here at the company.” In other words: fly now.

Founded by Adibe’s father, Cimed made a net income of R$ 1.5 billion last year. It was in his administration that the company gained muscle, and the management of a family business is attracting new generations to the business.

Adibe’s three adult children and two of his sister, Karla Marques Felmanas, No. 2 of the group, work in different areas of the company.

The intimate perfume should also mark the debut of Cimed in the international market – an old wish of the CEO. The drugmaker is awaiting registration from the FDA to sell the product in the United States, as well as from regulatory agencies in Mexico and Colombia to start exporting.

Produced at Cimed’s new factory in Pouso Alegre, in the south of Minas, the perfumery line should deliver around 1 million 25 ml bottles of Puzzy by the end of the year. “We are just not going to manufacture more because there is a lack of spray valves for perfumes in the international market”, says Adibe.

The product has not even arrived on the shelves of pharmacies and Anitta is already talking about expanding Puzzy’s family to new items and new fragrances.

But the biggest music phenomenon in Brazil knows that the new venture in intimate perfumery will attract haters. “What do I think about continuing to talk? I think it’s great. Keep talking…”

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