Arrested for killing mother and baby in SC is suspected of murder of call girl, says police

The man suspected of murdering his 23-year-old wife and their son, a three-month-old baby, in Blumenau, in the Itajaí Valley, is investigated for the death and concealment of the corpse of another woman in Santa Catarina. The information was passed on by the Civil Police this Wednesday (27). Kelber Henrique Pereira, 28, is in prison.

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According to the investigation, a woman was found dead in a forested area in Gaspar, in the Itajaí Valley, on April 23. The crime, according to the Civil Police, would have been committed by Kelber after having sex with the victim, who is a call girl.

“Witnesses and friends confirmed that [a vítima] was a call girl to help pay for the expenses of her four children”, says a Civil Police note released by the g1 SC.

In testimony, Kelber denied involvement in the call girl’s death. “He said that she felt sick and died inside the motel. In despair with the situation, since his wife had just given birth to their second child, he decided to dispose of the body,” the text said.

However, the report of the body and the crime scene do not indicate the presence of signs of violence. Therefore, the police emphasizes that the possibility of natural death is not ruled out.

A temporary arrest warrant was even requested from the Judiciary, according to the police, but was denied at the time. The g1 SC sought the Santa Catarina Court of Justice (TJSC), but had no response until the last update of the matter.

Death of wife and child

Jessica and Theo were found with a throat wound inside a room on Monday morning (25th). The young woman lived in the apartment with her husband and two children, aged three months and almost two years. The oldest boy disappeared with his father after the crime.

The delegate responsible for the case, Ronnie Esteves, said that Jessica’s partner is the main suspect.

“The strongest line of investigation is that he is the author,” he says.

A bloody knife was found in the property and seized. She will pass for expertise. Ronnie already had information on Kelber’s whereabouts earlier in the week. On Tuesday, the couple’s eldest child was found.

In the apartment building in Blumenau there were no security cameras to assist investigators. The couple, who had been together for four years, spent the day with Jessica’s father on Saturday, when they were last seen. Ronnie believes the crime was committed over the weekend.

Jessica and the baby’s bodies were buried on Tuesday afternoon.

abusive relationship

A close friend of the young woman found dead with her son revealed that the victim lived in an abusive relationship with her husband. According to her friend, Kelber used to block Jessica’s family from social media and forbade her to keep in touch with her parents.

Because of this isolation, the friend stated that she was also unable to accompany the young woman’s second pregnancy.

“We tried a lot, advised a lot. She said she was determined to break up, but she always came back,” she told g1 SC.

The two, according to the young woman, were living in the apartment where the crime happened about a month and a half ago. Jessica, however, had not even given the location of the new residence to her friend.

— As I’m godmother and I’ve always been very close to Jessica, he hated that I kept in touch, so much so that I couldn’t even see my godson anymore. There was always an excuse,” he added.

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