BBB 22: PA denies climate with Arthur Aguiar: ‘I have nothing against’

Athlete Paulo André Camilo, 23, denied the existence of any relationship with Arthur Aguiar, 33, after the end of their participation in “BBB 22” (TV Globo). The two were allies within the program, but would have distanced themselves outside the house.

In an interview with the podcast “PodDelas”, PA responded to an internet user who asked which ex-BBBs he still keeps in touch with.

“I have more contact with the Disney guys, who are Jade [Picon]the DG [Douglas Silva] it’s the [Pedro] Scooby. With Arthur, we exchanged an idea, I sent the invitation for my birthday, but…”, she added, reticent.

“We had a nice friendship there. It’s just that he has a different lifestyle. He’s a more reserved guy, more in his own, more family… The cycles didn’t hit out here and everything is fine. I have nothing against him “, clarified PA

Rumors that the atmosphere between Arthur and PA had turned sour after the “BBB” gained strength after a statement by the actor on the program “Altas Horas” in late May.

“I sent my new phone number so we could talk on WhatsApp. He hasn’t called yet. I respect his time, but I think it’s a shame because everything I gave him was real”, said Mayra Cardi’s husband at the time.

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