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“How it is? Do I need to close the studio because I don’t have authorization from my husband to work?”, the young woman asks.

Isadora discovers that she will need to close the studio in ‘Além da Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

Revolted, Isadora will take satisfaction with Joaquim. He, in turn, will establish a condition. Isadora will only be able to work if she returns home.

“Not even in your wildest dreams will I come back to you, Joaquim. Damn time we got married! If regret could kill, I would fall hard, stretched out on this floor right now!”, the young woman will cry.

Isadora argues with Joaquim in ‘Beyond Illusion’ — Photo: Globo

Isadora’s incisive answer, however, will drive Joaquim out of his mind. The young man will decide to lock his wife inside the room.

“You want freedom to get rid of me, don’t you? To embarrass me in front of everyone? Well, there won’t be any, do you hear that?”, shouted Joaquim.

Joaquim locks Isadora in her room in ‘Beyond Illusion’ – Photo: Globo

How will Isadora get away with this? Don’t miss the next chapters of your 6 o’clock soap opera!

28 Jul


Heloísa promises to explain everything to Violeta, who is incredulous. Matias donates blood to Olivia. Leticia chooses to stay with Lorenzo. Elias announces that Olivia’s surgery was a success. Heloísa talks to Violeta. Isadora and Davi revolt when the stylist’s studio is closed because of Joaquim. Lorenzo and Letícia tell Bento that they have decided to stay married. Olivia wakes up from the surgery. Violeta confronts Matias. Olivia questions Matias about Elisa’s death. Joaquim locks Isadora in his house.

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Remember the moment when Isadora faces Joaquim:

Joaquim says he will not divorce Isadora

Joaquim says he will not divorce Isadora

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