Brazilians give up the health plan to have an INCREASE in income; understand

The situation is not easy for the Brazilian worker, who has to prioritize spending to make his salary pay throughout the month. The difficulties were noted by the balance of the Salariometercarried out by Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe).

SALARY: Brazilians give up the health plan to have an INCREASE in income;  understand
SALARY: Brazilians give up their health plan to have an INCREASE in income; understand. (Image: FDR)

The survey considered the developments of the wage of the Brazilian during the first half of 2022. On the occasion, it was observed that workers need to give up benefits such as health plans to ensure the salary readjustment.

In theory, the intention is, at least, to reset inflation in collective bargaining until the end of 2022. in the data of Salariometer Note the additions such as Profit sharing, retirement and attendance allowances, dental plan and day care allowance.

Most of these resources come from collective agreements or conventions concluded this year. Remembering that meal and food vouchers were also adjustedalthough they remain at the same level as 2021in the same way as the 2022 minimum wage does not offer purchasing power to the worker.

In the understanding of lawyer and labor consultant, Marcos Alencar, Brazil lacks a union reform in order to balance the balance in favor of workers in the negotiations. For him, the current scenario characterizes a collective negotiation, although one side always comes out stronger than the other.

“The weakest is the working class, which is sometimes better organized and we bring to light the need for union reform so that we have strong unions representing workers so that they can sit at the table and negotiate this salary adjustment in a better way”, he said. .

Salary forecast for 2023

The Federal Government updated the proposal that makes up the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO). The text makes a further suggestion of minimum wage in 2023which if approved, may be BRL 1,294.

The minimum wage in 2023 is only focused on avoiding inflationary losses. In practice, workers continue without a real gain from the change in value. The adjustment is usually made based on the estimate of the National Consumer Price Index (INPC).

The definition of this value was based on considering a 3.3% inflation combined with a GDP of 2.5%. If the floor is approved, the annual spending cap will be adjusted for inflation.

The estimate is that there will be a slack of R$ 108 billion in the annual budgetdespite the possibility of public accounts closed the year in the red at R$ 65 billion.

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