Bride impresses guests by getting married in red at the same ceremony as her sister: ‘Everyone was left with their mouths open’ | Tocantins

An untraditional bride in a red dress left guests with their mouths open at a wedding last Saturday (23). Lawyer Louise Flores Brito Fontoura, 27, surprised everyone by entering the church with a bold and out-of-the-ordinary production. Her sister, nurse Lilian Carolyne Flores Brito, 34, also got married in the same ceremony, at the Ramos farm, in Porto Nacional, with a double dose of emotion.

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It was 7:30 pm when the guests arrived in Porto Nacional to witness the union of Louise with her husband Sandoval Junior, 31; and Lilian with nurse Emmerson Rodrigues Parente, 42. The wedding march first announced the entry of Lilian, who chose a white cropped skirt with a slit, high collar, long sleeves and lace details.

“It was a skirt with a slit in the leg and a cropped all over the rhinestones with tulle. It was a very special lace that I bought in São Paulo and they don’t have it in Tocantins. I paid dearly but I think it left my dress, in its simplicity, splendid. It made me a different classic bride,” Lilian said.

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Louise got married in a red dress and surprised the guests, in Tocantins — Photo: Paulo Couto

The moment Louise walked down the catwalk, the guests were in for a big surprise. The lawyer chose a daring red dress with a deep neckline and exposed shoulders.

“Few people knew that I was going to get married in red, so much so that the moment I walked into the church, everyone was stunned. But it was really beautiful to see people’s reaction of astonishment and I was thinking I was beautiful because it was a dream come true and I loved my dress,” she said.

Louise caused by wearing a red dress during the ceremony — Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

The unconventional dress was a childhood dream. The young woman told g1 who always wanted to get married wearing a dress of the color considered her passion.

“It was a childhood dream. I grew up with this image in my head, in my red, swirly dress, walking into the church. Red represents love, passion, authenticity. I was not a very traditional bride, but how I received compliments! People I don’t even know messaged me on my Instagram praising me, saying that I had courage, that that represented a strong personality. My friends told me it was my face”.

Louise and Sandoval have been together for 15 years. They already had the registration in the civil marriage, but this year they decided to do the religious ceremony. The passionate husband spared no praise and words of love to describe his wife.

“I thought the dress looked beautiful on my wife, she was very beautiful, radiant. I knew she wore red because she always reported her childhood dream to me. And it was something very different, she really broke away from traditional patterns. She is very authentic, determined in what she wants, she is admirable. I love her very much,” Sandoval said.

Louise and her husband Sandoval during the ceremony — Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

The two sisters from Tocantins decided to say the long-awaited “yes” at the same ceremony, at the beginning of last year. At the time, Lilian was organizing the wedding with Emmerson. The two had lived together for five years, but they still hadn’t realized their dream of exchanging rings at a religious event.

“We hadn’t thought about having a wedding together. A priori, I was going to have my wedding before and my sister said that at the end of that same year she would have a party. That’s when we came up with the idea of ​​having the ceremony together. we thought: ‘why do two big events in one year when we could do one and unite everyone in the same ceremony”, said Lilian.

Louise and her sister Lilian got married together, on a farm in Porto Nacional — Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

The idea came from Lilian and her sister agreed. Soon after, the two began planning, making the guest list and choosing party vendors. In all, they spent a year and a half preparing the long-awaited ceremony.

With different personalities and tastes, they needed to find a balance when choosing the decoration, music, buffet and other details for the event.

“It wasn’t easy because each one has a different opinion, a different story. Lilian is faster, more explosive, I contain myself more. Sometimes I have a different opinion because I’m not a very traditional bride, but each one gave in and in the end it was a blessed marriage.”

“Louise and I have strong personalities, we are very different. Our tastes did not differ much, but sometimes, in the way of charging, of speaking, we were different. We got into friction a few times, but thank God we kept calm. to resolve. Sometimes, we turned off the phones so we wouldn’t talk at that moment, in the other we were calmer”, she said.

Lilian and Emerson during their wedding ceremony in Porto Nacional — Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

Louise confesses that each had to give in at some point. But the result exceeded expectations.

About the choice of dresses, Lilian said that none of the models left something to be desired. “She looked so beautiful in red. Mine, because it’s white, because it’s classic, was different from many other wedding dresses, so it was very striking.” The nurse also highlighted her sister’s courage in realizing this dream.

“Brave was she who got married and wanted to fulfill that child’s desire. Few women have that courage and I admire that a lot in my sister”, said Lilian.

The two sisters’ dream ceremony went beyond expectations. A few days after their wedding, Louise and Lilian remember with emotion every moment they lived in one of the happiest days of their lives.

“It went beyond what I expected. It was all very beautiful, very thought out in every detail. Our suppliers contributed a lot, our ceremonial, our photographer, our decoration came out impeccable. Everyone praised it, it was a wonderful wedding”, concluded Louise.

Lilian wore a lace skirt and crop top during her wedding in Porto – Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

Sisters say the long-awaited ‘yes’ at the same ceremony, in Porto Nacional — Photo: Paulo Couto/Disclosure

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