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07/27/2022 12:56

the journalist Cid Moreira94 years old, opened his heart about his marriage to journalist Ftima Sampaio58. The two currently live in a triplex in the City Center of Regio Serrana in Rio de Janeiro, and gave details about their new routine.

‘I still have my house there, renting it for a season to pay its costs, which are very high. I’m already adapted, but one thing bothers me, everyone has a dog. When the dog starts barking a noise you have no idea and there was absolute silence’he said, in an interview with journalist Rafael Godinho, from Quem magazine.

Cid Moreira spared no praise beloved, and stated that even with the decrease in libido, he still maintains sexual life in active. ‘We don’t give up on that, because Ftima is a woman with a capital letter. But let’s reframe things. We never left romanticism aside. I doubted it myself. amazing. I used to love playing tennis so much and I kept thinking about what it would be like when I had to stop, but I don’t remember anymore. Sometimes I dream that I’m playing. And more or less what happens with sex life’he admitted.

Ftima Sampaio, Cid’s wife, in turn, said: ‘There’s also something really cool that I’m already turning 60 and I’ve already had menopause. My libido also decreased. So it’s equivalent. He isn’t worried that I have the antenna hooked up. We have to be honest that love is one thing and physical disposition is another’he added.

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