Do I need to be a millionaire to retire? Is R$ 1 million enough?

How about reaching retirement and having R$ 1 million invested? Sounds like a good value, but is it enough? No Chat with Specialist, live program from UOL, financial planner Vivian Rodrigues shows you which account you should make today to find the ideal value for your retirement. She also says that there is an indicator to consider.

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R$ 1 million is part of the popular imagination: For Vivian, being a millionaire —in the sense of having an equity of R$1 million invested— is part of the imagination of most people. “In general, people think of R$ 1 million as an absurdly high value and difficult to achieve. And they link the figure of the millionaire to a person who has no limits, no financial problems”, she says.

She says that, sometimes, a goal like this can scare people who have a lower income and can’t invest R$ 50 a month.

In addition, people imagine that those who have more than R$ 1 million in investments will live traveling the world, having a supercar and a mansion.

Is the amount sufficient for retirement? The financial planner says that the main point is to consider the inflation of the period. “When we think about retirement, inflation is an issue that needs to be taken into account”, she says. According to her, the average inflation in the country is above 6%, considering a history of the last 20 years.

This means that purchasing power today will not be the same ten years from now. “What you can buy today with R$ 1,000, ten years from now you will probably need R$ 2,000. That is, every ten years, money loses half of its purchasing power”, he says.

That’s why, she says, if you don’t pay attention to inflation, the value to be sought for retirement will not be enough to fund your standard of living in the future. “These values ​​always need to be updated, according to your desired monthly standard of living”, she declares.

And how to make this calculation? According to Vivian, a simple way to do this calculation is to multiply the desired monthly income amount by 300. “This should be the value sought today,” she says. In other words, having R$ 1 million today yields R$ 3,333 per month. If the plan is to retire in a few decades, this figure needs to be adjusted for inflation.

By multiplying the desired monthly amount by 300, according to Vivian, you are already considering a real return, above inflation, of 4%.

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