Ex-Rouge, Fantine Tho reveals old rivalry with bandmate

The singer Fantine Tho, ex-Rouge, opened the game and revealed a rivalry that the fans of the band did not expect: she and Luciana Andrade, her former groupmate, did not get along. In an interview with the Venus podcast, she even insinuated that Luciana purposely harmed her friends.

“Pulling the rug was not the thing we did. There was only one person who did this and we cannot protect. I don’t like to talk about these controversies without the other person together, without defending themselves. I tried to be friends with Lu and I never got along with her”, she shot.

“I don’t want to be her friend. That’s the truth. ‘Oh, but I always liked Fran’ (said Luciana), but in my experience with her, this is not true. I want to have the right to dislike a person. I don’t like it, I don’t get along well. Our human values ​​are incompatible.”

The artist also reported that the group tried to preserve fans from the rivalry. “We discussed in English [nos aeroportos e outros lugares públicos] to preserve the fans, not to alarm, to protect the group. Each one protected, in their own way, their livelihood and the collective”.

The band Rouge existed between 2002 and 2006 and was the biggest hit among young people at the time. The members tried to resume the group in 2017, but broke up again in 2021.

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