Guanambian doctor is found dead in hospital in the city of Caém

José Mauro Badaró Cardoso.  Photo: publicity
José Mauro Badaró Cardoso. Photo: publicity

FALL – The doctor José Mauro Badaró Cardoso, 37 years old, was found dead on Wednesday night (27), in Caém, in the Center-North of Bahia. José Mauro was found around 10 pm at the Josefa Monteiro Municipal Hospital.

The doctor was found without vital signs after colleagues missed the professional during the shift. He was found in a locked room, on which occasion colleagues had to break down the door after calling several times.

According to the Jacobina Notícias website, several medicines were found next to the doctor and a syringe was inserted into his arm, indicating that he may have interrupted his own life, but this information was not confirmed by the health unit.

The Military Police (PM) was called and reported the fact to the experts of the Technical Police Department, where he was sent for autopsy examination at the IML-Instituto Medico Legal de Jacobina.

Born in Guanambi, in southwest Bahia, José Mauro lived in the community of Umburanas. He is the son of Dona Magnolia dos Tecidos Paulista.

The doctor’s body will be transferred to Guanambi, however, there is no information about a wake and burial.

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