Jove and Juma fight and photographer has a new affair in “Pantanal”

Jove and Juma are in crisis in their marriage (Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

Jove and Juma are in crisis in their marriage (Globo/João Miguel Júnior)

In crisis in his marriage to Juma (Alanis Guillen), Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) will go on a business trip and meet a new love interest in “Pantanal”. The photographer will go to Santa Catarina to learn more about a new planting method that he intends to start on José Leôncio’s (Marcos Palmeira) farm and meet Miriam (Liza Dal Dala).

The young woman specializes in agroforestry, and will show the photographer a way of planting that is not based on monoculture. “I have been working with Matilde in the development and implementation of the new areas of the farm. And you must be the crown prince”, says Mirim, making fun of Jove.

Gradually, the two will approach and Jove will even take off the ring. He is fighting with Juma after the young woman does not accept his betrayal of Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado). After the fight, Juma abandoned José Leôncio’s farm again and returned to the tapestry.

Understand Jove’s Betrayal

Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) and Juma (Alanis Guillen) they didn’t have a moment’s peace in “Pantanal” not even after the wedding. The photographer decided to go against Juma’s opinion and betrayed the Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), her grandfather, photographing the entity against her will. The attitude made Juma turn against Jove and return to the tapera, and after some time, he also regretted the attitude.

Before the image was revealed in Campo Grande, the Velho do Rio appeared one last time to Jove, saying that he would never return. Repentant, Jove confessed to his father that he no longer wanted to know about the photograph, but José Leôncio insisted on seeing the image. “If you took such a risk to bring me this portrait, I have a right to see it.”

By the time Jove showed the photo, however, the image of Velho do Rio was shielded by a white beam. Disgusted, José Leôncio was heartbroken for not being able to confirm that the Velho do Rio is in fact his father, who disappeared in the woods years ago. “Maybe it’s because there never was any old man! I’m going to put this portrait here, to show that you don’t photograph what doesn’t exist. And you don’t talk about what you can’t prove anymore”.

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