Juju Salimeni says she paid off debt with her first TV salary

Fitness model Juju Salimeni, 35, opened a question box on Instagram stories to interact with her followers. There, she talked about various subjects.

One of the fans of the influencer wanted to know what she did with her first salary, from when she worked on the extinct “Pânico na TV”, at the time, shown on Rede TV!.

“Does Juju remember what she bought as her first paycheck when she started on TV?” asked the user.

So, Juju surprised with the answer and showed that “it’s people like us”:

“I didn’t buy anything. I paid off debt! I was all screwed with the credit card installment and the limit wasn’t even high”, he recalled.

Fight with Nicole Bahls

Juju Salimeni revealed more details about the beef with Nichole Bahls, at the time of “Panic on TV!”. In an interview with “Eu Fico Loko”, on YouTube, the former panicat detailed that the most serious confusion occurred in an episode of religious intolerance on the part of the then colleague.

Salimeni has been a part of Candomblé since the time of the program and, therefore, Nicole Bahls called her colleague “satanic” and “macumbeira”, accusing her of “doing work against her and sacrificing animals”, according to Juju.

“She gave an interview and I don’t remember everything she said, but she talked about my religion. At the time I said to her: ‘look, I’m from Candomblé’. And I still am. And I said I was going to have a religious commitment and that we stay, it depends, 3, 5 days, and I told him I was going to stay in my retreat and beauty”, he reported.

Juju claims that she had her first panic attack in her life, due to her exposure and the religious intolerance she suffered.

“He said that I was satanic, that I drank blood, that I killed animals… Total religious intolerance. At that time it didn’t exist, if it were today, it would be a crime. That affected me a lot. If there is prejudice today, at that time it was much more . I was super attacked. This caused me immense stress, I felt super sick, and the other day I had a panic attack”, he continued.

The influencer also made fun of Nicole’s interview, which, according to her, used the information in another way.

“She gave the interview and said that I had done work for her to make her ass fall off. And I’m going to spend money there to ask for her ass to fall off?”, he mocked.

But the beef is in the past and today Juju assures that the ex-panicats are at peace.

“When she went to work and I was already at Record, I arrived and said I didn’t want any problems with her, that she worked there and everything was super good. I never met her again, I haven’t seen her in years. And if I do, I don’t see any problem, I talk, I can participate in a program with her, normal”, he concluded.

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