Juliette shows an attempt to be fitness and displays good shape on social networks: “Mais uma mais uma vez”

She does everything! Juliette Freire delighted Instagram followers this Wednesday (27) while posing stunningly during a bike ride. The artist talked about her new fitness routine and took fans by surprise with the records shared on her profile.

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As her first attempt at being fitness, which she tells in the caption of the publication, Juliette appears sporting her sculptural body with a lilac gym set while posing on her bike. The muse left fans with their mouths open with her good form and, of course, rocked social media.

“Proud of this fitness woman”, fired a fan of the muse in the comments of the photo. “Now I think she becomes a real fitness muse”, joked another internet user. “Juliette is so beautiful that I don’t even know how to praise anymore”, admitted another follower. Check out the clicks of the ex-BBB:

Juliette vents about her first time: “A saint”

How tense! Recently, Juliette told a somewhat unusual story of her first time for the podcast “Can I Send Audio?”, by comedian Dani Calabresa. The champion of “Big Brother Brasil 21” reported her first time, which was not very conventional.

“I was at church, I had just finished EJC (Youth Encounter with Christ), I was doing chastity, and I was there: ‘My God, I’m going to be a new being’. She didn’t drink, very straight, a saint ”, began Juliette, telling how she rolled the hook up.

“Anyway, things started to heat up, and I was like: ‘No, let us fall in love with the person so that sex is something secondary in our lives.’ And he: ‘No, that’s bullshit…’. I know it was about two/three months in this litany. I wanted to cultivate the feeling first and then cultivate the flesh. It was my ideology”, said the muse.

“It didn’t take three days, I went back to the boy’s house, and he: ‘Look, I’m not well. I need to find me. I’m going to take a trip to Thailand to meditate. So, that’s why I don’t want anything now, I think we’d better get away. The problem is with me, ”said the singer, revealing that she did not travel to Thailand and the boy just wanted to let her go.

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