Justice decrees eviction order for Belo and Gracyanne Barbosa | Column Fábia Oliveira

It sounds like old news, but it’s not! Beautiful and Gracyanne Barbosa had a new eviction order decreed by the Justice, after numerous delays in the monthly rent of the property where they currently reside, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. In 2013, the couple also went through the same embarrassing situation.

The court also accepted the preliminary injunction from the owner of the house for the contract to be terminated. In addition, the couple was ordered to pay rent, IPTU’s and consumer bills in arrears, in the amount of R$221,159.86. This total must still be corrected and plus interest on arrears since November 2020.

And do not stop there! The contractual fine, in the amount of R$46,139.85, the Court also ordered Belo and Gracyanne to pay, however, from this amount the amount of the security deposit (R$42,900.00), which was made at the time the parties signed the contract, duly amended. There was also a conviction to pay compensation for material damage in the amount of R$39,667.09.

The lease agreement was signed between the owner of the property and Central Show e Eventos Ltda., a company from Belo, for a period of 30 months.starting on December 10, 2017. The amount agreed for the rent was R$14,300.00, which should be paid together with the IPTU, totaling R$16,000.00.

In the first three months of rent, the couple correctly honored all payments, as well as other bills. However, after this period, a series of delays began, and the owner even faced difficulties in contacting his tenants for collection.

The month of October 2018 had only part of the rent paid, in addition to being late. After that, there were several rents that were not even paid. The water and electricity bills for April 2019 were also not paid, while others were only paid late.

The owner of the property claims to have tried to contact his tenants to collect the debt amicably, as well as the resolution of the contract so that the debt would not continue to grow. However, he was unsuccessful in any of his attempts.

From the couple’s publications on social networks, it is possible to see that Belo and Gracyanne were residing in the property in the aforementioned periods when there was no payment.. In addition, the property was leased fully furnished, and the preservation of the furniture was very important to the owner.

It turns out that, in a video posted on a social network, Gracyanne ended up showing one of her dogs biting a piece of furniture that belonged to the location, which is already in a precarious state, due to the lack of good manners and training of the animals that live in the house.

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