Mourning the death of Donatela, Zé Bob radicalizes

In the soap opera A Favorita, Donatela (Claudia Raia) is facing an astral hell in jail and is not the only one to suffer because of it, especially because Zé Bob (Carmo Dalla Vecchia), completely in love with his wife, cannot have a peaceful day. since the day the beloved was arrested. So much so that, upon learning of the ex-rich’s death, the journalist gets so bad that he practically goes into depression and pays a radical tribute to hercompletely changing the look.

In more recent scenes shown in the soap opera A Favorita, Donatela is eating the bread that the devil kneaded in prison, thanks to Flora (Patrícia Pillar), without even imagining that the tables will turn when she is presumed dead and manages to get out of jail to prove innocence. And Zé Bob’s reaction is a chip close to the villain, who will go into turmoil when he thinks that the rival couldn’t stand the pressure and killed herself, without dreaming that it’s not about any of that.

But Donatela’s death will spread quickly, after the news that there was a fire and breakout in the prison, leaving everyone on edge that she might be alive and among the fugitives. But soon the police informs that a body was found in the cell where she was alone and no one has any doubts: the girl was burned to death, leaving many people shocked by the news, including Lara (Mariana Ximenes).

Zé Bob changes look in The Favorite


But Zé Bob’s relationship with Donatela is very different from what other people think and, in fact, he is completely in love with the tacky rich girl who won his heart. And when he learns of her death, the journalist is very down and nothing seems to make him react, neither his work nor the friendship of Maíra (Juliana Paes), so he decides to make a radical decision to honor his beloved and completely changes. the look, cutting her hair short to live the mourning phase, almost widowhood.

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