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Doctor Victor Hugo Heckert, a resident of Erechim, in the north of Rio Grande do Sul, discovered the day before that this Thursday (28) would be his last day of work at a health unit in Barão de Cotegipe. He was informed, by mistake, when he received a message forwarded by WhatsApp by a colleague. See message above.

The post where he reports the case went viral and had more than 93 thousand likes until this Thursday.

“About 2pm [de terça (26)], the employee of the company that hired me sent me that message and forwarded what they had sent to him, if I knew my last day would be Thursday. And I didn’t know,” says Victor. [Veja o vídeo abaixo]

RS doctor receives message by mistake on WhatsApp and finds out he would be fired

RS doctor receives message by mistake on WhatsApp and finds out he would be fired

Born in Blumenau, the 29-year-old professional has been working for two and a half months in the neighboring city. He was hired by an outsourced company that made some stopovers for health units. According to Victor, a contract was made with the individual, in which he promised to attend every Monday and Thursday.

“I always went, I never missed it, and on Monday I was there. I answered normally, nobody said anything to me”, he says.

Victor was surprised, but tried to calm down and try to understand the message. Upon questioning his now former colleague, he knew he would be replaced. The contract, according to the doctor, requires at least 30 days’ notice.

“I didn’t really understand the message, because it was sent. Sometimes the guy made a mistake, he sent it wrong. But he said: ‘ah, yeah, I thought they had warned you. That’s it, we put another doctor in his place, and the from Monday you’re out'”, he describes.

The orthopedist, who worked as a generalist at the unit, classifies the way in which the dismissal was carried out as unprofessional and unethical. Not because of the shutdown itself, but because of the way the matter was handled.

“He ordered me to be kicked. I was disgusted by the way it happened, and six days before the [outro] month start. It is a lack of consideration for any professional, not just doctors”, he criticizes.

The doctor believes that, as he has other jobs, the budget should not be so committed. The problem, according to Victor, is one of planning.

“I’m glad I have [outros empregos], otherwise I was chipped. My indignation wasn’t even the income, but I did the exercise of thinking: ‘If I only had this job, if I depended entirely, being fired six days before starting, without a schedule, is very bad, there’s no way to schedule you’. I’m not going to need it, but it’s bad”, he laments.

Heckert must claim the fine he claims he is entitled to for breach of contract. A possible lawsuit for moral damages will still be studied with a lawyer.

Repercussion above expectations

He says that on Twitter, where he has about 67,000 followers, he usually talks about his personal life, leisure and trying to make people aware of medicine and orthopedics. The post, according to Victor, was in the sense of ‘laughing not to cry’ and not to compromise the company – which he did not want to name.

The social network’s comments motivated the author of the post to change the username to “fired by whats”. “You’re kidding me, how absurd”, commented one user.

“They did this to us (4 infected) there in Santarém. It was just like that, in the middle of the Pandemic. So far they haven’t paid”, wrote a twitterer from Pará.

“Initially, I posted for the people to laugh at my misfortune and the employer’s lack of awareness. I didn’t expect it, this never happened. and they are similar and even worse situations than mine”, says Victor.

Despite taking it in a good mood, he doesn’t expect to go through the same situation again.

“It’s important to be discussed, because it’s a humiliation. I’m calm, but I’m very fair. When something is wrong, I get sad, I revolt. I’m not going to change the world, I’m not going to change employers, but I think it’s worth thinking about”, it says.

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