see car models with interest-free financing

If you are one of those who want to buy a brand new car and escape the frightening financing fees, know that Fiat has the “Great Fiat Chance” promotion. Some car models are with fee zero! This is the case with Argo, Cronos and Pulse. The action continues until the end of this month, so you have to hurry to enjoy it.

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The models that are part of the July promotion are on the company’s website. Just check out the photos of the cars with the “Grande Chance Fiat” seal to see the details. Interested parties can mark the state where they live and call a representative of the dealership for a chat that will offer more information about the campaign and the vehicle.

Big chance Fiat has zero rate

In addition to the ease of buying a new car with zero tax, dealerships in some parts of the country have models ready for delivery. That’s a big differentiator for the moment, as many new cars are taking months to get into the hands of damage.

In the “Big Chance Fiat” promotion, the Argo Drive 1.0 2022/2022 is one of the models available. The spot price is R$ 78,590. The financing is with an entry of 70% of the vehicle value and balance in 18 interest-free installments.

Cronos also enters the campaign of the month. In this case, the model is the 1.3 MT (2022/2022). The cash value is R$ 84,590. Its funding is given in the following condition: down payment of R$ 50,754.00 (60%) and balance divided into up to 24 interest-free installments.

For those with an eye on an SUV, the Pulse versions Drive Turbo and Audace Turbo are options for interest-free financing, with a down payment of 70% and the rest in 18 installments.

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