Smiles has a promotion for the transfer of miles to ALL AccorHotels

Smiles started a promotion to transfer points to ALL AccorHotels. From today until July 31, 5 Smiles miles will be required for every 1 ALL Accor point (instead of 6 for 1) for Clube Smiles and Smiles Diamante customers. For the other participants, the conversion was also improved, from 7 to 6 Smiles miles for 1 ALL Accor point.

In addition to the best parity, those who transfer can still earn 10% bonus points at ALL Accor after stay for at least one night in chain hotels. Reservation must be made by August 4, stay until December 31, 2022 and can be paid with program points. To participate it is necessary to register on the promotion website before sending the points.

The bonus will be credited within 30 days after the checkout of the accommodation and will be limited to 6 thousand points. To earn the maximum bonus, Clube Smiles or Diamond customers will have to transfer 300,000 miles and the others, 360,000 miles. In addition, only one transfer per participant (CPF) will be considered.

Is it worth taking advantage of?

If you frequently stay at Accor hotels such as Ibis, Mercure, Novotel hotels, among others, this is an opportunity to boost your ALL points balance using fewer miles than usual.

For those unfamiliar, the ALL Accor program works like this: 2,000 ALL points are equivalent to 40 euros (approximately R$212) in credits that can be used for reservations, food and experiences at the chain’s hotels. In the promotion, 2,000 ALL points will cost 9,090 Smiles miles (considering the 10% bonus for those staying) for Diamond and Club customers and 10,900 miles for other participants. In other words, each Smiles mile will generate, respectively, R$ 0.023 and R$ 0.019 in credit to stay in hotels in the chain.

In short, it’s like exchanging 1,000 Smiles miles for up to R$23 in credits, which can be a good deal depending on how much you paid to generate the miles. After all, Smiles always promotes bonus transfer campaigns and, recently, it started to randomly send coupons for customers to buy miles with up to 80% discount (R$ 14 per batch of 1,000 miles).

How to transfer Smiles miles to ALL Accor?

To transfer, simply access your Smiles account, select the ALL Accor partner at Shopping Smiles, inform the number of miles you wish to transfer and your ALL Accor number and confirm the transaction. The site will inform the number of points to be received at ALL Accor.

In the offer, each batch of 2,000 ALL points costs 10,000 miles for Clube Smiles or Smiles Diamante customers and 12,000 miles for other participants.

Receive miles promotions on your mobile

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