Sport doesn’t stop at Love and makes an attack on Fortaleza’s striker; striker has 32 games and 19 goals in 2022


Lack of effectiveness of the leonine attack is pointed out as one of the main problems in the campaign in the second division

Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF
Photo: Mauro Horita/AGIF

Needing about 12 wins in the remaining 18 games of Serie B to go up (according to current mathematical projections), Sport introduced Claudinei Oliveira as the new coach after Lisca’s troubled departure, who asked to leave in order to take over Santos. With new commander, Leão is close to confirming the signing of striker Vagner Love.

In an interview, Claudinei anticipated that, before reinforcements, it is necessary to give morale to the current group of Sport players.The first thing is that they understand that they are capable, that they are able to fight for access. Confidence in football is everything. It’s about giving morale to these players, so that they understand that they have the confidence of all of us”.

With poor performances by Parraguez and Kayke in attack, Leão was not satisfied with just Love and made contacts to sign striker Douglas Coutinho, from Fortaleza. The athlete is on loan from Ceará to Botafogo-PB and has 32 games and 19 goals with Belo, from Paraíba. Although, the player preferred to remain in João Pessoa playing in the C Series.

“Sport got in touch with Fortaleza and with the athlete’s managers to try to hire Gustavo. But he himself said that he preferred to stay at Botafogo-PB because he likes the club, believes in the project and has a lot of consideration for the board “, told the site the president of Botafogo-PB, Alexandre Cavalcanti.

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