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Leo Picon spoke on Twitter this Wednesday (27)

Leo Picon commented on the matter on Twitter
© Reproduction/Instagram/@leopicon @caiocastroLeo Picon commented on the matter on Twitter

Caio Castro broke the internet yesterday (26), after claiming that he has no obligation to pay the bill at the meetings he attends. In the actor’s view, the woman who accompanies him also needs to take action. The speeches divided opinions and the last to comment on the matter was the entrepreneur and influencer, Leo Picon.

“I’m seeing the whole discussion over the speech of the Caio Castro… I don’t like to get involved in things like that, but I would like to say that this discussion is not useful… Caio won’t invite you to have dinner with him. Keep calm,” Leo began in twitter. It is worth mentioning that the brother of Jade Picon and Caio are longtime friends.

“But if you call, Caio is the king of forgetting his wallet and making his friends pay for dinner. penny-pincher. But think about it… stop arguing about it. If you go out with him, split the bill and that’s it. And the Caio Castro. Synonymous with beauty, heartthrob, eye drops. It’s the bare minimum,” he wrote.

It is worth remembering that who also commented on Caio Castro’s statements was the lawyer Deolane Bezerra. “If it’s bad for me, imagine for those who think that paying for dinner is supporting a woman, it helps,” she also wrote on Twitter. Castro made the statements during an interview with the podcast “SUA BROTHER”.

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