SUS provides treatment for AIDS prevention; learn how to get access

PrEP is available at health posts in Boa Vista and serves the most vulnerable to the virus

HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an HIV prevention treatment that is available at Basic Health Units in Boa Vista. This service is offered to groups that are most exposed to the virus, with the aim of ending the AIDS epidemic, according to a project of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), which is co-sponsored by ten agencies of the United Nations system. United.

General practitioner Rogério Assunção said in an interview with Folha how PrEP came about. “The idea is to interrupt the chain of transmission. The cure was taking a long time, so at least the intention is to interrupt the chain of transmission so that the next generations can live without the disease”, he said.

In the Brazilian population, the prevalence of HIV is 0.4%. In an overview, it is a low prevalence, but in some specific groups, it has a higher prevalence. These groups are primarily indicated for use of PrEP.

They are: trans people, sex workers, men who have sex with men and gay men. (Source: Ministry of Health)

In addition to these groups, other people may also receive preventive treatment. They are: those who frequently fail to use condoms in their sexual relations (anal or vaginal); have sex, without a condom, with someone who is HIV positive and who is not undergoing treatment; Makes repeated use of PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV); Has frequent episodes of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The difference between PrEP and PEP

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis to HIV (PEP) is a treatment for anyone who has had some kind of contact with someone who has the HIV virus. The treatment is also available in the SUS, in health posts.

Where is PrEP available?

“Just look for any basic health unit that has a UDM (Retroviral Drug Dispensing Unit). Not all units because you need a registration, but these large units Santa Teresa, Mecejana, have UDM. Once that is done, look for a professional to accompany that patient”, highlighted the doctor.

According to the Municipal Health Department, the following health centers also have PrEP.

UBS September 13

Mecejana UBS

UBS: Santa Teresa

UBS: Edna Diniz (Airport)

UBS: Sunrise


Goal 90-90-90

These treatments are part of the Target 90-90-90 project, which UNAIDS has established to control the AIDS epidemic by 2030. Brazil is a signatory to this target, which consists of:

• diagnose 90% of all people who have the HIV virus;

• that 90% of those diagnosed receive uninterrupted antiretroviral therapy;

• that 90% of all women on antiretroviral therapy have suppressed their viral load, bringing it to undetectable levels.

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