Thai man who was considered ‘dead’ for 25 years can prove he’s alive – News

Thai NGO Boonyarit finally managed to obtain a new identity card last Tuesday (26) after being considered dead for nearly 25 years.

The case started in 2013, when he wanted to make a new copy of the document. The request, however, was denied for a reason difficult to imagine: it was said that Ong-art Boonyarit had been dead for more than two decades.

According to records, death occurred at the Central Thorax Institute of Thailand, due to lung inflammation, on November 5, 1997.

The request for a death certificate for someone named Ong-art Boonyarit had been filed by Chuchart Detkla and a funeral was held at Wat Mahabut in Bangkok on November 6 of the same year as the alleged death.

Although Boonyarit stated that he did not know Chuchart, according to information from the Bangkok Post, as he did not have an identity, the Thai lost all his rights as a citizen, including social benefits and pension.

The problem, however, was identified. Another man of the same name had died, and the initial paperwork of the namesake’s demise had been sent with the identification number section blank. As a result, Boonyarit’s data was entered into the system, which led to confusion.

After being forced to send his details to a different government agency, he finally got an investigation into the case.

Only nine years later, last Saturday (23), authorities visited his home to examine files, obtain information from relatives and match it with his identity.

In addition to the document, Boonyarit received all the benefits of a living citizen with an identity card.

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