“They have to wait a little longer”


She gets emotional when she sees her ex-husband with his second wife, but she decides to go straight through them.

Bruaca - Tenório - Zuleica (Image: Reproduction/Globo)
Bruaca – Tenório – Zuleica (Image: Reproduction/Globo)

Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) has already shown herself not to be the same in “Pantanal”, since she discovered her husband’s second family, tenorio (Murilo Benicio). Now, things are changing even more after the farmer discovers his ex-love’s betrayals.

After Tenório had put her out, so that zuleica (Aline Borges) to live on the farm, the hut of eugenio (Almir Sater) became Bruaca’s new home. However, an unexpected encounter will take Guta’s mother (Julia Dalavia) by surprise.

That’s because while Tenório takes Zuleica to visit the Pantanal, they will find Bruaca in Eugênio’s hut.. Seeing her now ex-husband with the other wife, Maria gets emotional and gets teary-eyed, but she won’t let herself be carried away by emotion. She then decides to continue down the path and walk right past the two.

“We will not pull over!”, she announces, seeing the couple waiting. “But there are people waiting. Wasn’t he her husband?”, asks Eugene. “I’ve spent a lifetime waiting. They have to wait a little longer. I do not have a husband. Never had! I had an owner, a husband, never in my life!”will shoot Bruaca.

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