Understand the relationship between Pedro Leonardo and his father, Leonardo

Singer Leonardo turned 59 last Monday and won a celebration at the Talismã farm in Jussara (GO). Among the guests were the children Jéssica Costa and Zé Felipe, the daughter-in-law Virgínia Fonseca, who took her mother, Margareth Serrão, among other gifts.

Thais Gebelein, wife of Pedro Leonardo, the singer’s firstborn, revealed that she, her husband and two daughters did not know that the celebration would take place. “We didn’t go to the farm. We didn’t know we would have the celebration”, said the influencer in Instagram Stories after being asked by followers about her absence.

the columnist of splash Lucas Pasin spoke to people close to Leonardo, who claim that the trip to the singer’s farm was not intended for a big birthday party. Therefore, these sources allege, there would have been no discourtesy to Pedro Leonardo.

wanted by splashLeonardo’s press office highlighted that the sertanejo has no conflict with his son, and confirmed that the sertanejo traveled just to rest, without having planned a celebration for his birthday.

lack of incentive

According to columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em Off, the atmosphere between Virgínia and Thais Gebelein is not the best. The cause of the conflict would be the Talismã agency, the influencer’s company together with her husband and father-in-law, which did not support the career of Pedro’s wife.

According to the journalist, Thais and Jéssica Costa, Leonardo’s daughter, would be upset with Maria Alice’s mother for not inviting them to participate in the agency’s influencer casting.

Another fact observed is that Virgínia does not comment on or like the publication of any of the girls. Leonardo’s wife, Poliana, even commented on the matter on social media.

“She likes what she wants and there’s no obligation for her to like my posts. And that’s fine with me. I’ll continue to have the same love and affection I always have for her. posts, comment and vibrate with all its modifications and achievements. I am like that”, she said, at the time.

Room for Zé Felipe’s daughter

Another fact that drew attention was the luxurious room that Maria Alice, just one year old, heiress of Zé Felipe and Virgínia, won in the mansion of her grandparents Leonardo and Poliana Rocha.

The gift surprised the fans, since the other grandchildren of the countryman do not have a room in the residence. With rumors of a conflict in the family, Thais Gebelein, Pedro Leonardo’s wife, decided to speak out and stated that there was no misunderstanding between them.

“It wouldn’t make sense to have a room there, Pedro never lived with Léo, unlike Zé, you know? For me, it’s super normal and natural for him to have a room and Maria Alice too”, he said in Instagram Stories.

The architect said that when they visit Leonardo, they stay in a guest room at the countryman’s house: “When we go, we stay in a super comfortable room and we’ve always been very well received, and that’s enough for me as a daughter-in-law! the staff, so don’t even waste your time trying to find egg fur!”.

Statements on social media

Discreet on social media, Pedro Leonardo makes it clear that there is no problem between him and his father, or even with Virgínia, his brother Zé Felipe’s wife.

Even though he was not invited to the party, the son made a point of honoring his father on social media. “Happy birthday my cat, I wish much joy, health and success to the most valiant man I’ve ever known! I love you dad,” he wrote.

Pedro was also present at the one-year anniversary of his niece, Maria Alice, and published photos with his wife and daughters alongside Zé Felipe, Virgínia and his niece.

“Today’s tbt is to remember this special day, with such dear people”, says the post.

On New Year’s Eve this year, Leonardo’s son published a photo next to his sister-in-law, Virginia, with a declaration for his brother’s wife.

“Too good to have you near us, sister-in-law. See my brother happy, give me a beautiful niece and your cia, I don’t like it, I love it!”, says the post.

Peter’s Accident and Overcoming

In a recording of “Programa do Jô” in 2012, Leonardo told details about the overcoming of Pedro Leonardo, who had a car accident in Goiânia that same year.

“I couldn’t sleep, any text on my cell phone already thought the worst. He had a 7-minute cardiac arrest. When he was in the fifth minute, the doctor already asked the family to warn me that he had already died. But he came back in the sixth minute” , said.

The singer said that when he received the news, he did not understand what exactly had happened to his son.

“My wife [Poliana Rocha] warned me, but we had no information. She just said, ‘I don’t think it was pretty’. So I went to do a treadmill and turned on the TV. When I saw it on the news, I almost fell over. I called the hospital and the doctor confirmed it was serious. They had to suck out a lung to get blood and dirt. Afterwards, my sister stayed with him and took care of the transport to Goiânia. I didn’t take it straight to São Paulo because God didn’t want it. Maybe he can’t take it. On the same day, I went to Rio to do a show. I couldn’t cancel because it would be another inconvenience for my life. When I saw him, I thought that no father deserved that,” he said emotionally.

“Pedro was asleep for 40 days and I was awake for 40 days. The doctors said he could be in a coma for ten years or wake up the next day,” he added.

Pedro Leonardo spent 81 days recovering until he could be transferred from Goiânia to a hospital in São Paulo. “When he was transferred to São Paulo, God helped us. The stretcher didn’t go through the plane’s door. We had to dismantle everything. To get down, it was another God help us. It took 40 minutes. He arrived at Sírio with zero pressure. “

Leonardo also described what it was like to see his son wake up for the first time in the hospital. “One day I was at a friend’s farm in Goiás and they told me that he woke up. I was happier than when I was born. I arrived at the hospital and asked: ‘Who am I?’. He said: ‘My father’. I joked: ‘He is sure?!’ And he: ‘I have’. And I continued: ‘It’s not from Sérgio Reis with that size’ “, he said, in a good-humored tone.

“Pedro wanted to sing in the hospital ‘Eu Não Sou Cachorro Não’. I don’t even know how to thank the prayers. We got to prepare the wake and he’s there looking like a bastard”, he said.

Playful, Leonardo told about the conversations he had with the team that saved Pedro’s life. “I told the doctor: ‘0% sequelae is impossible because everyone at home is 10% affected. Without an accident, we are all crazy. I have 80 nephews. The people there are ugly, but ‘f***’ that only .”

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