Vítor Pereira says Guedes and Yuri Alberto cannot play together at Corinthians; understand why | Corinthians

And the conclusion of the Portuguese is not for offensive reasons. For him, the problem is behind: you can’t have defensive security on the wing with these players, concluded Vítor Pereira.

– The choice to play with Róger and Yuri was mine, only I have to take responsibility, but I don’t think we can defend the runners that way. For me, clearly, it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. That way, it doesn’t. They (Atlético-GO) created situations of two against one on the sides because we defended poorly – said the coach.

Yuri Alberto in Atlético-GO x Corinthians Copa do Brasil — Photo: Heber Gomes/AGIF

Against Coritiba, in the 3-1 victory, Corinthians won and convinced, receiving praise for the “mobile attack”. Against Atlético-GO, however, in an away game, the pair did not do well offensively and proved to be decisive for the ease in the opposing creation.

In Atlético-GO’s second dangerous move, the problem was already clear. Jorginho received in the middle of the attack and opened on the right. Wellington Rato dominated facing Lucas Piton, who saw the forward approaching, Dudu launching himself on the side and Willian Farias arriving through the middle. Three against one. See in the video below:

At 8 min of the 1st half - kick from inside the area defended by Wellington Rato do Atlético-GO against Corinthians

At 8 min of the 1st half – kick from inside the area defended by Wellington Rato do Atlético-GO against Corinthians

Atlético-GO’s first goal also explains the situation well. Róger Guedes, already positioned in the defense field, could not intercept the cross from the right. And Cantillo didn’t follow Jorginho, infiltrating to finish in the area (see video below).

At 22 min of the 1st half - goal from inside the area by Jorginho do Atlético-GO against Corinthians

At 22 min of the 1st half – goal from inside the area by Jorginho do Atlético-GO against Corinthians

Will fans never see Yuri Alberto and Róger Guedes together again? At least in this context, no.

Against Coritiba, playing at home and facing an opponent that presented less offensive threats, Corinthians managed to suffer little and work the ball quickly, making the attack flow with Willian, Róger Guedes and Yuri Alberto. It was the debut of the shirt 7 of Timão.

In addition to the driving factor, the knockout context also interferes. Atlético-GO, as Vítor Pereira himself stated, entered the field “with knives in their teeth”, in another rotation.

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Dudu and Jefferson, defenders of the Dragon, constantly advanced to support Peglow and Wellington Rato on the wings. At various times, it was possible to observe Atlético’s doubles getting the better of the sides of the field.

In a game like this, Vítor Pereira saw that the pair created a gap in the defensive system. The field below shows how the teams behaved during some attacks by Atlético-GO.

Formation of the two teams during Atlético-GO’s attack against Corinthians — Photo: ge

In the two games in which Yuri Alberto and Róger Guedes played together, there was a third factor: William. The shirt 10, with a bad performance in Goiânia, was left out of the coach’s response.

Among options to try to solve this problem, Vítor Pereira can use Adson, who entered in the second half against Atlético-GO, or Gustavo Silva, who has already played the role of winger in this team.

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They are two players with greater capacity for defensive recomposition. In addition, they do not leave anything to be desired in the participation in goals. Adson has five goals and one assist this season, while Mosquito has three goals and three assists.

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